50/50 chance!!!

Having picked up a nasty knock to my knee in Saturdays loss to Luton Town, I now find myself in a race to be fit for our conference premier clash away to Kidderminster Harriers this coming weekend. Regimented time slots of Ibuprofen to reduce the vast swelling and packing my knee with ice should hopefully (fingers crossed) see me fit for the game. It is something I hate but being injured is part and parcel of the job and a risk I suppose all footballers take as soon as they step on to the playing field. With a football career being a very precarious one injuries are something that every player is hoping to avoid.
The injury that footballers fear the most must be any major ligament or tendon damage. Especially common is ligament damage to a players knee. Medial and cruciate tears are common in football today but thankfully with the advances in medical science a once career ending injury can now be treated and mended and back on the road to recovery within 6 to 9 months. The great Brian Clough was one such player when in 1962 had to retire from career ending knee injury.
As a player who has spent most of my career in the lower leagues any major injury would financially destroy me. We are not on the millions that the Beckham’s, Rooney’s and Ronaldo’s of this world are on. Any injury at any level is devastating no matter who you are but with most lower league players having to work after football I wouldn’t mind the cushion of an extra million or two in my bank account to soften the blow as I contemplate my retirement.

I will certainly keep you updated on my injury and hopefully I will be ok to play Saturday





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