1st post op appointment

I had my 1st post op appointment today with the specialist, 11 days after my operation and my specialist says my knee is looking good. The wounds have healed nicely and the swelling has gone down considerably so with permission from the boss I can now up my rehab routine.
– Static gym bike 3 times a day for 15 mins
– Double and single leg squats,within reason on the bad knee…
– Swimming but no breast stroke
– Plenty of walking

I can’t wait to get my legs moving again and to be able to actually sweat and burn a calorie or two.
It’s going to be a lot of hard work from here until I get fit but it’s hard work that I’m used to, it’s the sitting around not being active which is the one thing I hate.
The kids came into my appointment today as they are both off school for half-term. They must have the stomach for the gory side of life because as the specialist was taking all my bandages off their eyes were glued to his every move and then when he bought up my X-Ray pictures they were mesmerised by the screws that were showing up on screen. Maybe I’ve got two future surgeons on my hands.
It’s nice to have them both around me as I recover from my ACL injury. They certainly brighten up every day and if I ever find myself drifting off to a dark depressive place I am immediately brightened up by a beautiful smile or a witty childish joke.



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