Month: June 2014

Latest Nike Advert

Latest Nike Advert.


Latest Nike Advert

Wow have you seen the latest Nike advert for the World Cup. It is like watching the football equivalent of The Avengers. Great idea and so well delivered, it will grasp the attention of kids and adults alike and what a great way describe football to the younger generation. Football should not be uniformed, it should be exciting, impulsive and we should all take this approach to whatever sport we play, whether it be Basketball or Football play it to enjoy, after all that is what a 10 year old version of yourself would say how the game should be played.


Community Award for Academy-Links

Last night at the Celtic Manor golf resort Alfreton Town won the coveted award of Community Scheme of Year Award earning the club not only the prestigious title but also an added bonus of 10k.

In January 2014 Alfreton teamed up with my company Academy-Links to run the community scheme and deliver my brand of coaching to the community and schools across the Alfreton area. Considering our involvement started only a few months ago it is an amazing achievement by my coaching team to successfully deliver week in week out the level of coaching sessions that I want associated with me and my company and the football club.

I am proud of the work both Academy-links and Alfreton Town are doing with the local community as we look forward to building and furthering our relationship that will only benefit the people and  the community of Alfreton.