Off the pitch

Latest Nike Advert

Wow have you seen the latest Nike advert for the World Cup. It is like watching the football equivalent of The Avengers. Great idea and so well delivered, it will grasp the attention of kids and adults alike and what a great way describe football to the younger generation. Football should not be uniformed, it should be exciting, impulsive and we should all take this approach to whatever sport we play, whether it be Basketball or Football play it to enjoy, after all that is what a 10 year old version of yourself would say how the game should be played.



Community Award for Academy-Links

Last night at the Celtic Manor golf resort Alfreton Town won the coveted award of Community Scheme of Year Award earning the club not only the prestigious title but also an added bonus of 10k.

In January 2014 Alfreton teamed up with my company Academy-Links to run the community scheme and deliver my brand of coaching to the community and schools across the Alfreton area. Considering our involvement started only a few months ago it is an amazing achievement by my coaching team to successfully deliver week in week out the level of coaching sessions that I want associated with me and my company and the football club.

I am proud of the work both Academy-links and Alfreton Town are doing with the local community as we look forward to building and furthering our relationship that will only benefit the people and  the community of Alfreton.

Billy Kee Questions

Here are the 5 questions I handpicked for Billy to answer. A lot of your question were much the same and there was a few rude ones as well which I simply had to filtered out.

Billy for me is one of the best centre-forwards I have had the pleasure of playing alongside. He is your typical strong ” I will head anything” player. He never shirks a challenge and has consistently scored in the double figures over the last 4 years. 

I hope you like his responses to your questions and it was great to see so many people get involved from all his previous clubs too.


 Q1– I think Billy is contributing so much more to the game this season but would he be happier getting the goals?

Billy Kee– ‘I’m happy anyway, I have scored 14 goals this season and still got top goal scorer for the club so I’m all round happy with how many I have got this season’.

Q2– Does Billy relish the adoration and hugs of the more mature female fans?

Billy Kee– ‘Got to be nice to everybody, everybody needs love’.

Q3– Why he does not shoot in the goal area instead of passing it to another player. I used to like it when he used to turn and shoot when near the goal. Don’t get me wrong I think he is still a really good player?

Billy Kee– ‘My mum would say the same thing but I have not really had that many opportunities to turn and shoot this season’.

Q4– Your considered a bit of a joker, What’s the maddest craziest thing you’ve done while at a club?

Billy Kee– ‘I couldn’t tell you that one. What happens in the changing room stays in the changing room’.

Q5– Would you come back to Torquay, We could do with your goals?

Billy Kee– ‘Sorry but I would have to give that a miss now. I couldn’t move away from my family again’.

Water Is Great

Water Is GreatThis is a great picture that puts into complete clear view what we are putting into our bodies. I am not a health freak by any stretch of the imagination but I do eat healthy and so does my family. This is an incredible insight as to how much worthless processed bad sugars we pour into our bodies. This is why at Academy-Links I am trying to get kids healthy and active and enjoying the great outdoor life and sports. Sat indoors all day playing on a gadget eating and drinking rubbish is not the way to go at all. This picture should stand as a stark reminder that we as parents have such an important role to play in what we give our kids.


I have been very busy lately with my coaching company Academy-Links.Our new collaboration with Alfreton Town has officially been launched and our coaches have started in schools across the Alfreton area. The response from teachers, parents and more importantly the kids has been amazing. Our half-term camps are also proving really popular and we are hosting another 3 day camp in Doncaster during the next May break. Me and my coaching team are looking forward to continue building our relationship with schools, communities and the children themselves. I am a firm believer that we as professional footballers should be positive role models as we as a nation try and get our kids fit and active and avoid them spending hours on gadgets a day.

Coming Soon!!!!

Coming Soon!!!!

To give further insight into the life of a footballer I will be adding a new feature to my blog! This will be Player and Manager Interviews!

I want to ask players and managers the questions that you want answering… You the fans, the loyal supporters, the football followers and you who just wants to know that little bit more!

My first player interview will be with Burton Albion FC star striker Billy Kee!!

To ask Billy your question simply sign up to follow my blog via email and then add your question to the comment box below this post.

I will select the best 10 questions. Good Luck!

1st post op appointment

I had my 1st post op appointment today with the specialist, 11 days after my operation and my specialist says my knee is looking good. The wounds have healed nicely and the swelling has gone down considerably so with permission from the boss I can now up my rehab routine.
– Static gym bike 3 times a day for 15 mins
– Double and single leg squats,within reason on the bad knee…
– Swimming but no breast stroke
– Plenty of walking

I can’t wait to get my legs moving again and to be able to actually sweat and burn a calorie or two.
It’s going to be a lot of hard work from here until I get fit but it’s hard work that I’m used to, it’s the sitting around not being active which is the one thing I hate.
The kids came into my appointment today as they are both off school for half-term. They must have the stomach for the gory side of life because as the specialist was taking all my bandages off their eyes were glued to his every move and then when he bought up my X-Ray pictures they were mesmerised by the screws that were showing up on screen. Maybe I’ve got two future surgeons on my hands.
It’s nice to have them both around me as I recover from my ACL injury. They certainly brighten up every day and if I ever find myself drifting off to a dark depressive place I am immediately brightened up by a beautiful smile or a witty childish joke.