Alfreton Town

Goal of the Season

It’s a little blurred but this is me receiving my goal of the season award last week. Check out the beard!!!!

I have also managed to find the actual goal that won the award. Just click on the link. It’s right at the end. Enjoy and leave me a comment if you liked it!!!



I have been very busy lately with my coaching company Academy-Links.Our new collaboration with Alfreton Town has officially been launched and our coaches have started in schools across the Alfreton area. The response from teachers, parents and more importantly the kids has been amazing. Our half-term camps are also proving really popular and we are hosting another 3 day camp in Doncaster during the next May break. Me and my coaching team are looking forward to continue building our relationship with schools, communities and the children themselves. I am a firm believer that we as professional footballers should be positive role models as we as a nation try and get our kids fit and active and avoid them spending hours on gadgets a day.

Heavy Defeat at the hands of Luton Town

What a whirlwind start to the game today. We found ourselves 4-0 down in the first 18 minutes. Luton who are one of if not the biggest club in the conference premier came to our own turf and totally blasted us out of the water and dominated us from start to finish. The game at 18 minutes was over, or to use an old cliché ‘done and dusted’. It was over as a contest and although we gave it a go after that we had to concede that on the day we were beaten by the better team.

Like all heavy defeats though we have a chance to put it right in a couple of days and hopefully all the boys will chomping at the bit to put that defeat to the back of their minds and get us back on course in the league.


Weather playing its part

A week of unbelievably high winds and bad weather conditions has seen our training schedule hampered with only one training session allowed to go ahead. This leads to a lot of self-discipline, me personally I cant NOT train during the week because I would feel unprepared for Saturdays games. My motto as always is ‘train as you play’..

 However my dog is of a different view as we go out on long gruelling runs at a decent pace seem to have him shattered for the rest of the day.