Billy Kee Questions

Here are the 5 questions I handpicked for Billy to answer. A lot of your question were much the same and there was a few rude ones as well which I simply had to filtered out.

Billy for me is one of the best centre-forwards I have had the pleasure of playing alongside. He is your typical strong ” I will head anything” player. He never shirks a challenge and has consistently scored in the double figures over the last 4 years. 

I hope you like his responses to your questions and it was great to see so many people get involved from all his previous clubs too.


 Q1– I think Billy is contributing so much more to the game this season but would he be happier getting the goals?

Billy Kee– ‘I’m happy anyway, I have scored 14 goals this season and still got top goal scorer for the club so I’m all round happy with how many I have got this season’.

Q2– Does Billy relish the adoration and hugs of the more mature female fans?

Billy Kee– ‘Got to be nice to everybody, everybody needs love’.

Q3– Why he does not shoot in the goal area instead of passing it to another player. I used to like it when he used to turn and shoot when near the goal. Don’t get me wrong I think he is still a really good player?

Billy Kee– ‘My mum would say the same thing but I have not really had that many opportunities to turn and shoot this season’.

Q4– Your considered a bit of a joker, What’s the maddest craziest thing you’ve done while at a club?

Billy Kee– ‘I couldn’t tell you that one. What happens in the changing room stays in the changing room’.

Q5– Would you come back to Torquay, We could do with your goals?

Billy Kee– ‘Sorry but I would have to give that a miss now. I couldn’t move away from my family again’.


Then & Now

Then & Now

A comparison of the highs and lows of professional football… Or is it???

My Home Premier League debut against Liverpool for Aston Villa as a young pro and a more mature composed John McGrath in his midfield role at Burton Albion captaining the side.
I am making the comparison to highlight that I believe whatever level or age you play the professional game, it still puts you in the elite 1% of those who “make it” as a professional footballer.

I had it all. I was playing, YES playing, in the greatest league on the planet and living every young boys dream. But if your expecting the same old sob story of a player who had it all and now has nothing because I had to ply my trade in the lower leagues then this is not the story for you. Because for me I still have it all and have for my whole career. This is a lesson to every young kid that there is life beyond the Premier League. I have carved out a great career and had lots of highlight’s which include playing Premier League football, representing my country, winning league titles and captaining a football league club. Now that for me is a successful career, the lower leagues may not come with all the trimmings and riches of the Premier League but I went to work every day with a huge smile on my face and never once wanted to miss a days training.

So who is the better player in the picture above. The young naive untapped talent that had just come over from the Emerald Isle on the left or on the right the 300+ appearance holder who has come out smiling from everything that football has thrown at him. From spending summers without a club to long term injuries I am proud to say that I have come through it all and still love the game today and love my career that I have carved out for myself. So I think the boy on the right is a much better player now than the one on the left and anyone who thinks a player is done and dusted just because of his age or level he plays at should really think again.

Who will be crowned Kings of Europe

who do you think is going to win the 2014 Champions League

Weather playing its part

A week of unbelievably high winds and bad weather conditions has seen our training schedule hampered with only one training session allowed to go ahead. This leads to a lot of self-discipline, me personally I cant NOT train during the week because I would feel unprepared for Saturdays games. My motto as always is ‘train as you play’..

 However my dog is of a different view as we go out on long gruelling runs at a decent pace seem to have him shattered for the rest of the day. 

FA Trophy

The FA trophy for anyone who doesn’t know is open strictly to all clubs outside the football league only. Its a great competition to be involved in and it gives all non league clubs a chance to progress and play other teams from different leagues and levels and its also got the added bonus of a Wembley final at stake.

We host Nuneaton Borough on Saturday and hopefully fingers crossed the first step to that all coveted Wembley appearance.